Tips For Moving During Wisconsin Winters

Wisconsin can be a true winter wonderland this time of the year, but its winter weather and road conditions can also present challenges for those looking to relocate.

However, moving during the winter months is not as uncommon as you may think. Many people are attracted to the perks of buying during the market’s slow season or simply have to make the move due to job relocation or other reason out of their control. If you’re one of those making the move to or within America’s Dairyland, read on for some tips that will help make your move smoother and safer.


1| Track the weather

We recommend to start tracking the weather several weeks leading up to your move and then do so every day the week of the move. If at any point it looks like the weather might cause dangerous driving conditions, call your moving company and talk to them about it. A day or two before the scheduled move, call them again just to confirm that everything is in order. If it looks like the conditions might be too dangerous for the drive, try to reschedule as soon as you can—better to be safe than sorry!

2| Check on the utilities

Make sure the vital utilities, such as the heat, power, and water are turned on and good to go. You might not want to have the heat on during the move, since your door will most likely be open, but it’s important that you do have all those utilities available once the craziness dies down. You’ll want to be able to close the door, turn up the heat, and get cozy in your new home!

Bonus tip: Choose a room such as laundry room or small bathroom, hook up a space heater, and keep the door closed. This room will provide a little warm haven for you and your movers… you will be glad you did!


3| Find someone to watch your pets

The last thing you want in sub-zero degree weather is to run around trying to find a pet that ran out the door. We recommend finding someone at your destination that can watch your pets and keep them comfortable and safe. It’s wise to research boarding facilities or doggy daycares ahead of time so you have a place for your pets to go on moving day. We have a whole article about keeping your pets safe and comfortable during a move, which you can find here.

4| Clear your walkways of ice & cover your floors

Slipping on ice when you’re walking out to your car can be incredibly painful. Even worse? Slipping on ice while you’re carrying heavy boxes or furniture. Make sure you clear your walkway of any ice or snow before you start moving your belongings in and out of your vehicle. If the sidewalk is icy, sprinkle some snow melting salt or sand to make it less slippery. Once in the house, you’ll want to protect your floors from any mud, salt, sand, or water by covering the entry way and unloading area with thick plastic tarp.

Bonus tip: Check on the snowplow schedule to make sure you don’t end up with a mound of dirty snow between the street and your driveway!


5| Start early

Take advantage of sunlight by moving as early as possible during the day. The sun rises early and sets early during the winter, which means that it gets darker much faster than it would any other time of the year. The last thing you want to do is be on the road with a loaded vehicle and run into some ice on the road that you could’ve avoided had the sun been out.

6| Have winter essentials on hand

Here are some things you’ll want to have handy on moving day and the first few days after the move:

  • water/wind proof gloves, scarves, hats that cover your ears or earmuffs, snow boots

  • sheets, towels, and blankets to cover furniture, boxes, and electronics if it starts to snow

  • a snow shovel or snow blower and an ice scraper for your windshield

  • a kettle, coffee maker, or crockpot with a hot drink brewing to warm everyone up

Preparing yourself for unfavorable weather during your move is the best way to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to ensuring your move is as safe as possible. Use these winter moving tips and your best judgement to get the job done, and once it’s done, we invite you to explore all the winter fun and breathtaking nature that this beautiful state has to offer!

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