Real Estate Photography Tips

How to take great photos of your home that will leave people wanting more.

Since the turn of the century, more and more home buyers are starting their house hunts online. As such, the “pix appeal” of your listing counts just as much as the actual curb appeal of the property. Your best bet is to hire a professional real estate photographer to take some great photos that highlight your property. If that’s not an option due to budget, time, or availability, there is plenty you can do to still get great listing photos going the DIY route.

1| Buy or borrow a good wide-angle camera for your shoot
A wide-angle camera allows you to capture a wider shot with much more detail, bringing out all the features that home buyers are interested in, such as the paint job and lighting. A cell phone camera doesn’t have such prowess and may not give you the perfect shot.

2| Clean & declutter
Make sure to clean the property and put all unnecessary and personal items away. You want people to imagine themselves in the space, and that’s hard to do if they’re distracted by messy rooms and knick knacks everywhere.

3| Let the light in
Natural lighting has a touch of ambiance to a room and most home buyers will be drawn to this. Before shooting, open all the curtains to let as much light in as possible. Complement this by turning on all the light fixtures around the house. Try to avoid shooting on cloudy days and definitely avoid shooting at night.

4| Take multiple shots
You may not get the perfect shot on your first attempt so it’s important to have backups. Take many shots of the same areas from different angles, this way you’re bound to find one photo that really captures the essence of the space.

5| Don’t take misleading photos
Misleading photos are those that present your listing in any other way than it is. Avoid using filters or positioning the camera to make spaces look different from how they are. Remember that the reward is getting quality offers, and people are not likely to do that if they feel like they were victims of false advertising.

These simple tips will elevate the quality of your listing photos, therefore increasing your chances to get noticed. All of our Cheng Real Estate Group agents have a wealth of knowledge on how to get your listing noticed and can give you more advice for how to take your own photos or even hook you up with one of our professional photographer partners. If you have any questions about this or any other real estate topic, do not hesitate to give us a call at 608.957.2683 or connect with us through email here.