Home Inspection Checklist

What to expect from your home inspection

One of the first things your agent will suggest when your offer on a house gets accepted is to schedule a home inspection. Home inspections have many benefits, including helping buyers understand the state of the property better, providing information that can be used in negotiations, and saving money in unexpected repairs. 

If you’re a first time home buyer you may not know what to expect from the inspection or even how to get started setting it up. Your agent is a great resource, as they’ll be able to recommend inspectors they have worked with in the past. Another great source of recommendations is people in your life that have recently bought a home and had a positive experience with their own inspectors. You can also always turn to the web to find a professional, but make sure that they have the licenses and certifications required in your state.

So what can you expect from a home inspection?

To prepare you for your home inspection we’ve put together a checklist of things that are often included in the inspector’s report. Note that these items may vary slightly depending on your inspector, location, and property.

Home Inspection Checklist

  • Roof - condition, ventilation, gutters
  • Exterior of the house - walls, windows, doors, siding, paint, electrical
  • Grounds - driveway, walkways, grading, drainage, deck, fence, patio
  • Garage - floor, overhead door, door opener, ventilation, electrical
  • Attic - structure, ventilation, insulation, electrical, ductwork
  • Interior - ceiling, walls, floors, stairs, doors, windows, electrical, heat/AC, smoke/CO detectors, fireplaces, cabinets & counters, plumbing, sinks, appliances, vents, toilets, tub/showers, mold/mildew odors & stains
  • Plumbing - water shut off, water heater, exterior faucet, main fuel valve
  • Electrical - main panel, sub-panel, wires & wiring, cable feeds, breaker/fuse
  • Heat & AC - furnace/boiler, venting, heat source performance, AC, ductwork, filter, thermostat
  • Basement - foundation, floor, beams & columns, joists & subfloor, stairs, windows, drains, sump pump, signs of mildew or mold

At Cheng Real Estate Group we have several reputable home inspectors that we’ve worked with in the past and can recommend. Just give us a call at 608-957-2683 if you’re looking for recommendations or have any questions about this step of the buying process.