Everything You Need to Know Before Moving to Madison

Everything You Need to Know Before Moving to Madison

Learn the ins, outs, perks, and quirks of this vibrant capital city.

Interested in moving to Madison, Wisconsin? You’re not the only one. Madison has the highest population growth of any Wisconsin city, and it’s no wonder when you consider the following:

Still not convinced? That’s okay, because we have ten other reasons to move to Madison:

1| It’s steeped in history
Madison was named the state capital of Wisconsin in 1836 and founded the following year. Judge James Duane Doty named the city for President James Madison and named the streets for the other 39 signers of the U.S. Constitution. With that history in mind, you can just consider each walk around the city a history lesson.

2| The views are stunning
Madison’s skyline is defined by the white granite capitol building, which is surrounded by other high-rise buildings and landmarks like the Monona Terrace, which was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Madison is beautiful from every side, but it’s particularly gorgeous when you’re driving northeast into the city on John Nolen Drive.

3| It’s a food lover’s paradise
This Wisconsin city shows its roots with classic cheese curds and burgers, but it’s also home to high-end restaurants. Feast on Rabbit Rillette, octopus, and Wagyu beef at Pig in a Fur Coat or grab some Bibimbap and a Torta Milanese at Graze on the capitol square.

4| Industry is growing
According to the Wisconsin State Journal, Madison is a top city in the U.S. for growth in tech industries. If you’re in this field, or hope to be one day, Madison is the perfect place to live.

5| It’s a healthy city
Maybe it’s the fresh air or the plentiful local produce, but Madison is one of the Midwest’s healthiest cities. 87% of Madisonians are non-smokers, and 78% maintain a healthy weight. 85% of adults include physical activity as part of their free time.

6| There are several local sports teams
Apart from the many Badgers sports teams associated with UW-Madison, there are quite a few alternative sports teams you can follow from within the city, including the Madison Mallards, the Madison Capitols, and the Madison Radicals.

7| It’s a thriving center for arts and culture
Performing arts, galleries, museums, live music—when it comes to culture, Madison has it all. The Overture Center for the Arts is loved for its architecture, and you can enjoy music outside at Concerts on the Square, Live on King Street, and more.

8| It’s home to the Onion
Famous for its satirical take on news, the Onion was founded by two UW-Madison students in 1988. Since then it’s expanded to become a global favorite.

9| You’ll find your favorite beer
The greater Madison area is referred to as “Brewery Country,” and we’re very happy about that. The list of excellent breweries to visit grows every day, so it’s best to keep your eye on as it’s updated with new places to try.

10| It’s connected
When it’s time to travel somewhere, the Dane County Regional Airport can help you get there quickly. This relatively small airport takes passengers to international airport hubs in just one stop, including Atlanta, Chicago, Minneapolis, and New York City.

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