5 Signs You’ve Found the Right Home

Last week, you attended an open house for a fixer upper with a ton of potential in the Vilas neighborhood, and you can’t quite get it out of your head. It seems like the perfect match for you, but how can you really tell? Here are five signs that you’ve found the right home:

1| You feel at home in the bathrooms
Ever attend a showing or open house where you felt weird in the bathroom? If the idea of your bare feet in the shower grosses you out, this house isn’t the one. If you can’t wait to take a tub and you’re comfortable running your hands over the countertops, your home might be the one.

2| You’re planning furniture arrangements
When home shopping, you’re likely focused on space, amenities, and price. But, when you’ve stepped over the threshold of your perfect home, you start to think beyond the logistics. You’ll start to plan where your favorite pieces of furniture will sit, and where your favorite painting will hang.

3| You don’t feel compelled to keep looking
If after a showing you don’t feel as though you need to compare it to other homes on the market, you’ve probably found the right home for you. It’s kind of like finding your life partner—when it happens, you just know, and you’re not compelled to keep looking (regardless of the number of potential partners on the market).

4| You’ve slept on it
The old adage is very relevant in this situation. If you’re unsure about a home, sleep on it. If you’re still in love with it the next morning, and morning after that, you’ve probably hit the dream home jackpot.

5| Your loved ones like it too
If your favorite coworker, best friend, or closest cousin took a look at the photos from your showing and exclaimed, “I love it!” we wager that you’ve found your new home. Your loved ones know you best and probably share your tastes, so if they love your home, it’s a very good sign.

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