5 Quick and Easy Home Staging Tips

Staging a home for sale? Here are some quick projects to help your home make the right first impression on potential buyers.

1| Amp up your curb appeal
Pretty much every home staging tips article lists curb appeal as something to focus on, and for good reason. For buyers, a welcoming, well-maintained front yard and porch is like a confident handshake and friendly smile at a job interview.

2| Hire professional cleaners
A professional detail cleaning, inside and out, performed by professionals can take a so-so home to the next level for buyers. Make sure windows sparkle so natural light can flood in.

3| Go neutral
This tip refers to both color and style. As much as you probably love your unique personal style, it will be easier for potential buyers to visualize themselves living in your home if it’s a blank slate. Go for sophisticated neutrals and clean, classic lines. Hide anything quirky or sentimental out of sight.

4| Arrange furniture
Pick up a home and garden magazine or do a little pinning of furniture layouts and you’ll realize that there is a formula for good arrangements:

  • Keep furniture off the walls
  • Arrange pieces in conversational groupings
  • Make traffic paths obvious

5| Freshen Up
Whether from your local farmer’s market or cut fresh from your yard, flowers make spaces feel friendly yet chic. They’re also a non-committal pop of color that’s perfect to accompany your more permanent neutral palette (see #3).

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