5 Improvement Projects that Increase Your Home’s Value

Whether you’re hoping to sell your home in the near future or you’re hoping to maintain your home’s value long-term, it’s a great idea to prioritize home improvement projects that increase your home value and deliver a dependable return on investment. Here are five projects to try:

1| Install energy-efficient windows
Energy-efficient windows can drastically reduce your heating and cooling costs as well as offer a huge ROI: Angie’s List suggests that you get at least a 70% return on new windows.

2| Craft an amazing kitchen
The kitchen is where homeowners spend a majority of their time. It’s no surprise that kitchen remodels are among the projects that increase home value. Experts say you can recoup up to 120% of your investment on a kitchen remodel.

3| Beautify your master bath
Similar to the kitchen, the master bath is a spot to splurge—and see a big ROI. Consider his and hers vanities, attached walk-in closets, and premium features like a Jacuzzi or heated tile floor.

4| Refresh your exterior
If your home isn’t appealing from the outside, buyers will drive right on by. Update siding, repair crumbling brick, and show your landscaping some TLC.

5| Consider an addition
Add an addition that could be easily transformed by a future owner into an extra bedroom or rec space for kids. As HGTV reminds us, “Every 1,000 square feet added to a home boosts the sale price by more than 30 percent.”

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