4 Tips to Sell Your House Fast

4 Tips to Sell Your House Fast

Make selling your Madison, Wisconsin home fast and easy.

Thinking of selling your home in the Madison, Wisconsin area? Here are 4 smart tips to help you sell your house fast at the right price, while minimizing hassle, risk, and worry.

1| Find an internet- and market-savvy agent
Reader’s Digest states that 92% of homebuyers start their hunt online. An alluring, accurate, and informative web presence is crucial to a successful sale, so find an agent who understands the importance of professional and effective online listings.

At Cheng Real Estate Group, our agents are familiar with market conditions and regulations in the area. We will learn about your home and its specific strengths and weaknesses, and develop a custom plan to sell it at the right price and on your schedule.

2| Leave a few big-ticket items behind
Provide an incentive for buyers to act quickly by leaving behind a few expensive items that the normal homebuyer may not be able to afford. Examples include flat screen TVs, valuable artwork, your luxury gas stove, or equipment for your pool or sport court, if you have one. Your home will benefit from this dose of luxury, and you’ll be sure to sell your house fast.

3| Stage from every angle
Declutter your home and stage every room for easy traffic flow and maximum natural light. Once you’ve perfected the inside, evaluate the outside. Good curb appeal makes the right first impression, so it’s important to present a stylish, well-maintained exterior even in the middle of Madison winter. Here are a few ideas for staging during winter and early spring:

  • Shovel, salt, and scrape so all walkways are clear and safe for walking

  • Display tasteful seasonal decorations

  • Add a colorful, inviting welcome mat

4| Get open, stay open
You’ve set the price, found the right agent, spruced up, and staged like a pro—it’s time for your open house. Now that you’re opening your doors to potential buyers, it’s important to keep your ears and eyes open as well. Pay close attention to feedback and reactions. If you’re not getting the results you expected, you and your agent should discuss a change in strategy.

Looking for more tips to help you sell your house fast? Get in touch with Madison’s savviest real estate team today.