11 Genius Garage Storage and Organization Ideas

Did you know? The word “garage” is derived from the word “garer,” which means “to shelter.” With a word origin like that, it’s no wonder that most Americans have a garage that shelters tons of home essentials… and some junk and grime too.

Close the (overhead) door on a messy, disorganized garage, because we’ve got 11 storage and organization ideas to keep your garage nice and neat.

1| Peg it Up


HGTV says, when in doubt, use a pegboard. It’s the easiest way to make use of wall space and hang tools in plain sight.

2| Rope It In


Use old coffee cans with a hole poked through the lid to store twine and rope. Easy access! [Via HGTV]

3| Ballin’ Bungees


Wall-mount boards assembled in a square and attach bungee cords for clever ball storage. [Via Fennell Seeds]

4| Clean by Extension


We love this idea from HGTV, and all you need is a hook, some chain, and extension cords that need a home.

5| Swept Away … By Organization


Hang long, skinny pieces of lumber with notches for easy storage of anything with a pole: rakes, brooms, squeegees, pool nets … the list goes on. [Via Homixover]

6| Here’s the Drill


Hang sections of PVC pipe with a space cut out on the bottom—it’s the perfect, accessible way to store power hand tools. [Via Pinterest]

7| It’s Magnetic!


Magnetic strips, meet almost anything in the garage that’s relatively light and made of metal. So easy! [Via Pinterest]

8| Gutter Glory


Reuse old gutters to organize cans of paint or other similarly shaped items. [Via Decoradeas]

9| Raising the Jar


Got lots of nuts ‘n’ bolts to store? Hang shelves and affix magnets to the undersides. Then, put your items in individual jars and attach the magnetic lid to the magnets. [Via Pinterest]

10| Go Vertical


Keep lesser-used items or items you don’t want kids getting into up high in a storage rack, like this one from Costco.

11| Pegboard on the Move


Attach four pegboards to some caster wheels, and you’re in business. This portable tool caddy can roll with you wherever you go, and roll behind other items when you’re not using it. [Via Decorextra]

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