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Jack C. cheng


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Jack has established his real estate career in Madison, WI after spending years on the East coast learning the art of sales and management. Having worked with some of the best and brightest minds in the business, Jack brings a fresh new perspective to the local real estate scene.

Having lived in China, the United Kingdom, New York City, and Boston, Jack is familiar with the challenges of the relocation and moving process. This global perspective and his skillful approach to communication makes Jack the ideal real estate partner, particularly for bilingual clients or those who speak Mandarin as a first language. Using his skills in negotiation and 10 years of experience in sales and management, Jack provides his clients with a professional, efficient, and enjoyable real estate experience like no other.

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Phone: 608.957.2683

Hui Cheng



Hui Cheng has worked in real estate since 1998. Her years of experience help to provide sound advice and exceptional service to all of her clients. Having moved from China to the US many years ago, Hui knows exactly what is like to go through big life changes. She uses this knowledge to anticipate her clients’ questions and concerns, and guide them through the buying or selling process with ease.

Hui is fluent in English and Mandarin, which makes her one of the go-to realtors for the growing Chinese community in Madison, which she’s very involved with. Hui has been the volunteer Principal of the Madison Hope Chinese School for 13 years, which serves children adopted from China and their families. Through her work there she focuses on inspiring young minds and bridging cultures. Her passion for the real estate business and the community she serves has made her a success in the industry. She considers it an honor to be a part of the lives of the people that choose to work with her and to continue to build a reputation one client and family at a time.

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Phone: 608.332.8693

Brittany Wescott


Brittany and her husband moved to Madison from Reno, Nevada to be closer to family and start the next stage of their careers in real estate. Brittany’s passion for real estate started back when she bought her first home and made it into a source of income by renting out unused rooms. This venture proved to be successful and, after spending 8 years as a numismatist and administrative manager, Brittany decided to make the move to real estate official. Her experience in overseeing and supporting business activities, along with her superb people skills, proves to be a great asset in the fast-paced industry of real estate.

Brittany has lived all over the country but considers the Mid-West her true home. Her passion for the area inspires her to help people become a part of the community by helping them get their dream home in the perfect neighborhood. Her goal is to make every transaction an unforgettable experience for her clients.

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Phone: 608.957.3538


Anastasia Gunawan - madison office



Anastasia grew up in Jakarta, Indonesia admiring its cityscape. She wanted to fulfill her childhood dream and thus moved to Madison to study Civil/Structural Engineering at UW-Madison. The city has been so welcoming that she decided to pursue bringing that dream to others. Anastasia dedicates herself to truly getting to know the needs of the clients and cherishes that relationship. She understands that every Real Estate pursuit is an investment effort. With her critical thinking and expertise, she will help her clients to make the best decision possible and treat your family like her own.

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Phone: 608.358.0677

Daniel Wescott - madison office



In order to advance his retail management career, Daniel and his wife moved to the Madison area from Reno, Nevada. Daniel is passionate about helping people achieve their goals and enjoys building strong relationships, which is why it was clear that real estate was a perfect fit for him. With over 10 years of experience managing, leading, and inspiring people in a fast-paced industry, Daniel has quickly become a valuable member of The Cheng Real Estate Group.

His sharp negotiation skills and enthusiastic approach make his clients feel comfortable working with him, knowing they’re getting the highest quality service. Daniel loves new challenges and the opportunity for continuous growth and learning, both personally and professionally.

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Phone: 608.571.5747

Brad Chapman - madison office



Brad is a Madison local through and through. Having been born and raised all over the Madison area, he knows his market like the back of his hand. His energetic, yet professional personality helps him provide an enjoyable and stress-free real estate experience for his clients. Brad has risen above the challenge of being young in the real estate industry and has proven many people wrong with his perseverance, knowledge, and excellent results. His main goal is to provide a real estate experience so great that his clients feel confident in sharing his name with those they love and trust. He is committed to facing new challenges and always takes the opportunity to learn and grow, both personally and professionally.

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Phone: 608.333.2250


Svetlana Cooley - baraboo office



Svetlana was born and raised in Latvia (Baltic Sea country), where she attended college at Riga Technical University pursuing a degree in business management. During her time in school, Svetlana got the chance to travel around the world, arriving to the United States in 2001. She loved her time in the United States, the people she met, and her life here, so she decided to stay.

Svetlana has been a Wisconsin Dells resident since she first came to the States. After many years in a position working with customers on a daily basis, Svetlana decided to go back to school to further her education and find her passion. This is how she found herself enrolling in the marketing program at Madison Area Technical College. The process of buying a house came up during one of her classes, which caught Svetlana’s attention. The more she learned about real estate careers, the more she loved the idea of helping people find their dream home and making the process easy and enjoyable for them. This is how she eventually obtained her real estate license in 2017.

Svetlana enjoys working with people and helping them find the right house for their needs and wants, in a way that is less stressful and more fun. Whenever she isn’t helping clients, you can find her enjoying some family time with her two children around Sauk County.

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Phone: 608.432.2525

Zach Herring - madison office



Zach grew up in Horicon, an hour outside of Madison. He previously worked at a basketball agency based out of Toronto, where he was responsible for developing relationships with clients, as well as international team owners, GMs, and coaches. His experience working with stakeholders and handling complex transactions has prepared him well for a career in real estate, as he’s skilled at anticipating clients’ needs and working hard to ensure each transaction goes smoothly. In addition to this, Zach prides himself on his strong negotiation skills and responsiveness, always being there for his clients when they need him.

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Phone: 920.344.3993



Mildred Oetzel-Passaro manages multiple aspects of digital marketing for Cheng Real Estate Group, including website management and content creation. Mildred is originally from Lima, Peru, but has lived in Wisconsin for 13 years. She holds a double degree in International Business & Marketing and a Master’s Degree in Business from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. Mildred has experience working in both marketing agencies and as part of in-house marketing teams. Her vast knowledge of digital marketing gives Cheng Real Estate Group access to a variety of tools that can be used to help its clients achieve their goals faster and more efficiently, whether it is to sell a house or find their next home.

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